About Us

Since 1974, Tom Cherin has been at the forefront of jewelry design. For more than four decades he has been creating original, one-of-a-kind, copyrighted pieces that have stood the test of time. All of his innovative designs are handcrafted with the finest materials, which are handpicked by the designer himself. His strong attention to detail, quality original pieces, and excellent customer service have earned him his outstanding reputation, as well as some of the jewelry world’s most prestigious awards, which include DeBeers' Diamonds International and Diamonds Today awards, and an American Gem Trade Association award for colored stone jewelry.

Tom Cherin jewelry ranges from traditional to unique, but is always crafted with every detail in mind. He is a member of the most prestigious, New York Diamond Dealer’s Club, which enables him to use the finest quality diamonds, rare and natural color diamonds, colored precious and semi-precious gemstones, and pearls.

Along with his unique designs, Tom Cherin is well known in the industry for his exceptional one-to-one service, and client education. Clients are able to work directly with Tom, starting from creating the concept of a piece, all the way to hand selecting a diamond, stone, or specific material. He educates each of his clients about all aspects of the design, especially when it comes to distinguishing the right diamond or stone. In this way, all customers are part of the design process, and can further understand and appreciate the product.


One-to-one service and the special type of relationship that develops between an artist and those who appreciate his work.

"I mean for each piece to stand the test of time, to be cherished as an heirloom and passed down from generation to generation."- Thomas D. Cherin

For the ELLIS COLLECTION, we've handpicked a selection of our favorite pieces, and have given them a fresh, new twist. All of the pieces from the ELLIS COLLECTION are composed of silver or gold plated bronze, and often incorporate unique gems and stones.

If you’re interested in working with Tom Cherin to create your own custom design or for any price inquiries on existing pieces, please contact us.